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We are looking at best places to go and amazing and interesting things to do in greater Jacksonville area, which may have been over looked. Please view our listing by clicking button below.

Solar Eclipse 2017

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Traveled 4 hours to Columbia, S.C. to get the best/ closets look we could at the 2017 Lunar Eclipse. next chance in the United states 2024.

Blue Cyprus Park July 8, 2015

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Jacksonville Nature Parks

Get to know Jacksonville parks and nature preserves through our photo galleries. The city of Jacksonville, Florida operates the largest urban park system in the United States.

  • Jacksonville Beaches

    Jacksonville Beaches

  • Big Talbot Island

    Big Talbot Island

  • Hanna Park

    Kathryn Hanna Park

  • Little Talbot Island

    Little Talbot Island

  • Mandarin Neighborhood

    Mandarin Neighborhood

We are always at lookout for new amazing places to go which many times are overlooked. Discover some beautiful parks with the family, couples or in solitude.

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